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Paris in black and white

November 26, 2012



Paris in blue

November 25, 2012


Paris in color

November 24, 2012


Amsterdam day 3

August 19, 2011


Day 3 was great! In the forenoon, we went on a “short walk” as my dad put it. (In more objective light it was rather long, cold an uninteresting. Building. Again. But let’s not be overly dramatic…) And the best part, in the afternoon we cycled into the old city and took a walk there. […]

Amsterdam day 2

August 18, 2011


The second day was perhaps my dad’s favorite, full of buildings and newly created parts of the city… perhaps a wee bit too full, to my taste. As my dad is a teacher of urbanism, and city-building in the Budapest University of technology and Economics, the bigger part of our holiday consists of going all […]

Amsterdam day 1

August 16, 2011


I just returned from Amsterdam, my favorite city besides Budapest. Now in Hungary I’m enjoying some nice weather for a change( in Amsterdam, what a surprise! it rained), or I would enjoy the nice weather, if I hadn’t got punctured again, and if I hadn’t┬ádecided that I want new outer tubes.( It’s a great thing […]