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April 24, 2011


Perhaps it’s time to see someone about my horror vacui(it’s seriously called like that!)… I started to cover my last bare wall. It’s not ready, but I like it: it’s a kind of tribute to the last 50 years of music recording or something.  And my room looks like some exploded paper factory. Some of […]


April 21, 2011


I woke up about two hours ago… Yesterday(and well today) was awesome!!! RDJ! Battery Band concert in Dürer…! And well I’m still really sleepy even that I’ve slept after I arrived home 8 A.M.. i would really want to write more, and tell all the awesomeness, but now I really can’t. Just don’t have the […]

info lesson…again

April 20, 2011


Yeah, we’re learning wesite creation… One could think it’s handy and practical and stuff… but it’s really NOT! It’ absolutely unnecesary and boring… oh come on, why I need to be bothered with all this BS, when the spring break is only twoo h o u r s away?!

good day

April 19, 2011


Today was… Actually I can’t say my day was good or bad, because inevitably I my present feeling will overshadow the previous ones. For example, if I had a really good day overall(let’s say I felt content for 7 hours of 8), I will say that I had a bad day if that one last […]

Budapest te csodás #3

April 18, 2011


The sun is shining, and we didn’t write chemistry test(we’re going to write it on Wednesday instead, but let’s forget about it now…), and we’re only t w o o days from spring break! I was downtown today, and I just remembered these pics (they were taken last autumn), the are so typical Budapest!


April 17, 2011


So here I am, mainly because I’m trying to delay the time when I ‘ll have to start studying for tomorrow’s chemistry test. Seriously, why can’t some of our teachers give a break??? Come on, we’re only 3, t h r e e days from the spring holiday. (which won’t be even a week long, […]

my ever growing collection of selfmade posters

April 15, 2011


Today I inserted the two new poster I brought from the school. Now there is no place for more there!! Incredible, huh? Now I can imagine the time, when there will be no more wall space in my room to put things up… Well, okay this horrible state is very far away, but still… Perhaps […]