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a poster

October 22, 2012


My school suffers from financial difficulties. This is not big new in Hungary these days, but last year we had such a big trouble, that if not for the parents and former students financial aid, we would have had problems with paying the bills. The situation got better, we aren’t desperate anymore, and what’s better […]

mountains pt. 5

August 5, 2012


Last part of my mountains series. It’s the twin of the second piece.  I surprised even myself by using pencils with this one. It’s been years since I properly used colored pencils. But the time has come to take them up again. I wasn’t really satisfied with this, but this is the first try, wait […]

mountains pt. 1

June 30, 2012


Just a small post for today: I’m in the making of a three(or maybe more)-piece series. They are built on these simple shapes:     It will be pretty interesting I think, because I will use more techniques: pen, watercolor, sticking… Sneak peek:  


June 29, 2012


It seems I can’t get over my obsession with triangles! They are just so perfect: they can be fitted together, cropped into others, and they still look amazing!   My other obsession is varying things: in this case I used another basic formation, to create the same effect.          

pattern experiment

June 28, 2012


It’s been ages since I used colored pencils, it was strange, that’s for sure. The result?       Not particularly interesting or beautiful, but worth a try.  

“A panther light and swift”

June 27, 2012


“And lo! almost where the ascent began, A panther light and swift exceedingly, Which with a spotted skin was covered o’er! And never moved she from before my face, Nay, rather did impede so much my way, That many times I to return had turned. ” “Ed ecco, quasi al cominciar de l’erta, una lonza […]

experiences with watercolor

January 21, 2012


Watercolor is really special to me. 3 years ago I hadn’t even thought about marker pens, lines and such things that i think about now, but I was a watercolor fanatic. Perhaps one day I will dug out one of my old painting, but even if I really liked the at the time of their […]