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Back to black

July 30, 2011


This wasn’t supposed to be a song illustration, but I thought that it matched to the title, and anyway I really listened this song a lot lately. if you want you can look at this as my personal tribute to Amy Winehouse. (but it’s really loosely related to the song- do not read to much […]

Rolling in the deep

July 19, 2011


Finally finished my Rolling in the deep “illustration”. I can’t say I’m throughly  satisfied, ’cause I still can’t really catch the feeling of the song in my drawing. Anyway I keep hoping that my next one will be better. Next up: Tokio from The Wombats, and after that some 30 seconds to Mars song, which […]

50 ways to leave your lover

July 2, 2011


I finally finished this piece, which I hope to be the first of a series of song based graphics. For the idea thank you very much for Balu, and for gentleman named José Azevedo who’s amazing artworks really inspired me. (other words, my pics are faint copies of his works) I’m not sure if it’s […]

here again

June 11, 2011


So now it has ENDED! The vacation has arrived, I’m over my exams, and all end of year worries. Ahhh. A lot of thing happened last week, hopefully I’ll be able to post about them later, but now I can only share a few precious relics of the last week. Art  “club” end of year […]

The blackbird…

May 20, 2011


and the fox. it’s a super mind-blowing song from The Twilight Singers.  I won’t say that my latest pics are illustrations for the song, but I often listen to that song these day, so I can’t help but connect them. I made this pair today afternoon. I have to say that I cheated a little […]

good day

April 19, 2011


Today was… Actually I can’t say my day was good or bad, because inevitably I my present feeling will overshadow the previous ones. For example, if I had a really good day overall(let’s say I felt content for 7 hours of 8), I will say that I had a bad day if that one last […]

today’s faves

April 13, 2011


I’m absolutely head-over-heels for these songs: 1. Suburban War by Arcade Fire 2. Get Lucky by The Twilight Singers 3. Bloom by Radiohead 4. Another heart calls by The All-American Rejects 5. Where I end and you begin by Radiohead