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improving my Corel Draw and Photoshop skills

December 2, 2012


During school term I usually don’t have much time to fiddle with my computer, and just spend hours with selecting fonts, or in fact for any kind of creative activity whatsoever. But sometimes opportunities arise to do just this: fiddle with colors and font, and other stuff like this. These are the times when I […]

experiences with watercolor

January 21, 2012


Watercolor is really special to me. 3 years ago I hadn’t even thought about marker pens, lines and such things that i think about now, but I was a watercolor fanatic. Perhaps one day I will dug out one of my old painting, but even if I really liked the at the time of their […]


December 28, 2011


I made these ages ago, but I think they are too awesome to leave them out. I made this first, but it took awful lot of time, so I decided to just copy it. Made with this beauty, ink and acrylic paint.


December 25, 2011


Here I arrive with my new picture, which is a variant of one of Nigel Peake’s pictures. I fell in love with Nigel’s pictures when I discovered one of his books in the American Book Center in Amsterdam this summer: I found his pictures are quite like some of mines:   Meaning: in the love […]


December 23, 2011


I did some “touching up” on my room, meaning I packed all the fantastique presents I got from my friends, and also with my drawings that I neglected lately. Err, it kinda got crowded. But yeah… It’s good!

Christmas time #3

December 23, 2011


I also made these Christmas tree ornaments for my friends with the really cool Edding 751 paint marker pen. I’ve already got one pen in white, but I didn’t really had the opportunity to use that one much, unfortunately. But this gold one looks amazing on the red ornaments.  

Christmas time #2

December 22, 2011


These two pictures are sisters, and I’m even a bit of ashamed of them for three reasons: 1. They are copied  err… inspired by the amazing works of Duda Lanna 2. They are quite alike. A bit too much 3. I love them, and probably  do some more, even though I should create something original. […]