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improving my Corel Draw and Photoshop skills

December 2, 2012


During school term I usually don’t have much time to fiddle with my computer, and just spend hours with selecting fonts, or in fact for any kind of creative activity whatsoever. But sometimes opportunities arise to do just this: fiddle with colors and font, and other stuff like this. These are the times when I […]

a poster

October 22, 2012


My school suffers from financial difficulties. This is not big new in Hungary these days, but last year we had such a big trouble, that if not for the parents and former students financial aid, we would have had problems with paying the bills. The situation got better, we aren’t desperate anymore, and what’s better […]


August 6, 2012


Experimenting further with colored pencils after my last piece. I enjoyed drawing this immensely, it was very different from my usual style and method. This time no worries of irregularity, geometrics and stuff, just sat down and drew it without any kind of plan or helping lines. Well, the picture itself is not groundbreaking or […]

mountains pt. 5

August 5, 2012


Last part of my mountains series. It’s the twin of the second piece.  I surprised even myself by using pencils with this one. It’s been years since I properly used colored pencils. But the time has come to take them up again. I wasn’t really satisfied with this, but this is the first try, wait […]

mountains pt. 4

August 4, 2012


Third piece of my mountains series. With this one I used my usual grey pen and for me creating this one was the least exciting of the four. With this one I didn’t experiment with new techniques.    

mountains pt. 3

August 3, 2012


Second piece of my mountains series:  used the cut out dark cardboard mountains that remained from the first piece. Again I used watercolor, but very differently. I think it’s very interesting how can one using the same pack of watercolor and even the same brush create a completely different overall effect.         […]

mountains pt. 2

July 1, 2012


First piece of my mountains series. I really satisfied with it, especially because I used this entirely unfamiliar technique with watercolor. Also, I have a slight fear of colors: I don’t really have a natural aptitude for it, so I’m always a bit afraid when using them, that it will turn out disastrous.  But in […]