improving my Corel Draw and Photoshop skills

Posted on December 2, 2012


During school term I usually don’t have much time to fiddle with my computer, and just spend hours with selecting fonts, or in fact for any kind of creative activity whatsoever. But sometimes opportunities arise to do just this: fiddle with colors and font, and other stuff like this. These are the times when I re-discover that this is what calms me the most.

I created(the design is a verb I don’t dare to use for my childish activities) a logo for a student association. I wanted it to be simple and youthful, but also something that can be taken seriously. I used a not very original method, and simply put the first letters of the name next to each other.


For me green and blue are youth’s colors. In the association’s other documents these can be used again. Like in this poster:


Or the group’s facebook cover, which I created from the topics that we plan to discuss:



As you could see typography is the main element in my creations. I’m new in this field, and maybe it was stupid to start breaking rules instantly, when I’m not yet sure in my judgement, for example regarding which fonts go well together. But I guess most of these things can be learned to an extent through practice, and you got to start somewhere.


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