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Posted on October 22, 2012


My school suffers from financial difficulties. This is not big new in Hungary these days, but last year we had such a big trouble, that if not for the parents and former students financial aid, we would have had problems with paying the bills. The situation got better, we aren’t desperate anymore, and what’s better we regularly have different charitable events to help the school. One of these is a series of small opera performances. We had the first one a few weeks ago, and I liked it, but I wasn’t satisfied with the audience. Mostly it consisted of small kids (in my school we have 12 grades, which means there are 6-7 year-old kids as well as 18-19 year-old ones.). After the performance one of the teachers came to me, and asked why don’t I make a poster, if I’m so good at this stuff anyways? At first I was a bit reluctant, and thought oh well, I’ve got plenty other things to do, but my mind started to roll. The next performance is Haydn’s Lo Speziale (The Apothecary, and I think I came up with something rather fitting:

The original idea was that I will write various elements of the story onto the bottles, but as I read the story online I could’t come up with more than three of these elements: marriage, love, and tricks. I believe the genre of the opera buffa doesn’t allow any other elements anyways. So to fill the other bottles titles I wrote the singers names. I tried to fit the contents to the characters: the beautiful young woman, for whose hands all the other characters fight for is symbolized by violet and purple stripes etc.

I used ink and watercolor.

BTW this is my 100th post!

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